by admin

Hi you guys.

Billy said he’s heard from multiple people that there is a (I assume very mild) demand for me to write things so here I am writing things. Sally is asleep in the swing behind me and I am clean and dressed so I have no excuses I guess.

Oh jeez you guys. What a world we live in! This morning I heard on the radio that coal companies can once again dump things in nearby streams, THANK GOD. I know that was a real sacrifice the coal companies were making for a few years there. I mean what are streams even for, if not for dumping coal byproducts into? Streams have been bad so they are getting coal for Christmas. Take that, streams! Always getting my feet wet when I walk in you wearing breathable footwear. NOW YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.

Another fun thing I heard on the radio is that Republicans in the House¬†have decided to repeal the law that said that MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE can’t buy guns. So now the mentally ill can buy guns, as God intended. THANK YOU, JESUS AND TRUMP, YOU GUYS ARE THE SAME AND ALSO SO GREAT AND WISE.

So listening to the radio this morning made me yell loudly. Evan was standing next to me as I shouted AHHHHHHHH and he said “Mommy it’s ok!” and he stroked both my cheeks with his chubby hands. That was honestly very helpful.

The super bowl is this weekend and I have never cared less about anything ever in my life ever. However, Lady Gaga is playing the halftime show, which could be fantastic. Billy said he hopes she just spends the whole halftime show making a cake to be used for a gay wedding. Because Trump wants to make it so Christian bakeries don’t have to make gay wedding cakes again. It makes sense. I bet Trump is always at church. I bet he loves church and being really faithful and reading the bible. I bet he sits in his gold house with his third wife who he definitely doesn’t abuse and they read the bible together.

Cool cool cool. Everything is very cool and normal.

Sally really likes it when I take a piece of my hair and tickle her face and belly with it. It makes her smile. So that’s helpful.

Also of course the real things. Russia and refugees and imminent war and being on the wrong side of history. And women and protests and racism and fighting back. All of this stuff, of course all of this stuff. Being an ally and listening and being so glad we live in Massachusetts. Seeing Elizabeth Warren speak in person twice in as many months because we need her so much.

But also, going for walks and rocking a baby in the middle of the night and holding a small chubby hand. And also spit up, so much spit up, and tantrums and dragging 40 pounds of toddler by that chubby hand because he’s gone limp, and waking up when it’s just not even necessary. And not taking a bottle and then taking the bottle too fast and throwing up. And refusing naps and the dog running away and and and and and

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s a lot.

And so may I take the world (by the world I mean my small readership) and stroke its face with my chubby hands and say “Mommy it’s ok.”